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    Sweet and sour eggplants with celery, olives, capers, basil, onions and tomato

    Sardines, raisins, pine seeds and mint balls served with its tomato sauce

    Sardines rolls stuffed with breadcrum, garlic, persil, pine seeds, raisins served with laurel leaves

    Oven baked eggplant mixed with ricotta cheese and tomato breaded with squid ink breadcrum

    Chick peas croquettes served with codfish cooked with tomato, olives, capers

    Stuffed artichokes with breadcrum, pine seeds and raisins

    Orange, lemon and fennel salad with spring onion and smoked herring

    Octopus and potatoes warm salad

    Raw red prawn from Mazara with lemony olive oil

    Fish of the day carpaccio

    Pan cooked squids with artichokes and salt from Mothia island

    Fine de Claire oysters


    Potatoes and mussels soup with pasta and Ragusano cheese

    Spaghetti with sardines and wild fennel

    Button shaped ravioli of stracciatella cheese served with tomato and fried eggplants

    Ravioli of swordfish, eggplant, mint and tomato sauce with fried sping onion

    Spaghetti with salted tuna fish roe and lemon zest

    Panfried tagliatelle with tomato sauce, eggplants and salted ricotta cheese

    Spaghetti with red prawn from Mazara

    Fave bean pureed soup with ricotta cheese and croutons

    Spaghetti with pistachios and mackerel

    Risotto with grouper and capers

    Spaghetti with garlic, oil, red pepper and langoustines

    Tagliatelle with black pig sauce and crunchy pork rind


    Breaded roll of swordfish served with sweet and sour vegetables

    Red prawn from Mazara breaded with oregano

    Oven baked daily fish in sicilian way

    Breaded swordfish rolls brochette with onion and laurel leaves

    Fish soup with almond couscous

    Tuna tournedos served with onion marmalade and Marsala wine sauce


    Sicilian black pig served with black cocoa sauce and eggplants

    Beef fillet with oregano

    Oven baked lamb with potatoes, orange and lemon juices

    Calf in Nero d’Avola red wine sauce

    Beef roll with eggs, green peas and onions from Giarratana


    Poached egg with tomato sauce, breadcrum and sardine

    A tribute to my mother – Egg, artichokes and potatoes


    Sponge cake layered with ricotta cheese covered with marzipan, icing and candied fruit

    Tube-shaped fried pastry dough with ricotta cheese

    Mandarine and orange pudding served with jams

    Apple pie with lemon custard and vanilla ice cream

    Strawberries and wild strawberries with vanilla flavoured olive oil and basil ice cream

    Home made fresh fruits sorbets and ice creams

    Pears cooked in saffron, ginger ice cream and chocolate sauce

    50%, 60%, 72% chocolate mousse with almond sauce

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